Winter 2007 CollectionsZambesi launched their Winter 2007 collection with a voluminous puff sleeve cape in deep blue velvet worn over skinny cords teamed with graphic ribbed t and flyaway blouson.

The combination exemplified some of the themes explored by Elisabeth Findlay showing exaggerated sleeve details, provocative necklines and a defined leg.

Billowing dresses are fluid enough to reveal a subtle silhouette whilst some voluminous outer garments were captured at the waist creating a peculiar sense of balance.

In terms of fabric, heavy materials like jacquard jerseys, masculine suiting, structured velvets and astrakhan were mainstays.  Softer fabrics in varied prints, satins, silks, velvet and lace appeared alongside bulky knitwear, brushed cotton checks and stripes.

Colours plunge from deep seas hues, battleship greys and reflective blacks with an occasional surge of rust and a gleam of metallic silver.

An assured strength purpose was present throughout the collection characterized by the deliberate styling of body conscious silhouettes forever signifying the passionate tough attitude of the Zambesi woman.