Zambesi Summer 2009-2010

Zambesi presents a collection of bold simplicity — exploring the concept of appearances and the complexities beneath the surface.

Colour palette is distilled. Blacks, whites, neutrals, shadow-greys, occasional accents of bordeaux and lead punctuated with fiesta red.
Washed linen features strongly and brings a relaxed attitude to otherwise clean-cut, tailored suiting. Printed sequined discs detail standard cotton shirting or combine with striped cottons. Birdseye textured cotton, coated linens and matt silks add contrast to shiny satin viscose. Printed viscose knit in lilac tones compliment fine gauge cotton knitwear. Ultra-fine wool gauze, silk, and translucent technical nylon mask the garments beneath.

“Cool, calm, and collected.”
— Elisabeth Findlay
A desire for simplicity and refinement delivers a collection of pared back silhouettes.
Double-breasted half-lined jackets and sleeveless vests in washed linen hint at the traditions of menswear. Narrow low-rise shorts and trousers contrast with classic tailoring to achieve a balance of relaxed confidence. A suit jacket and trench in ultra-fine wool gauze are borrowed from the Mens Collection, reinforcing a masculine presence.
Fluid viscose skirts adapt to strapless/halter dresses. Cone-shaped bodices and dresses create a sculptural form. A translucent nylon parka diffuses the garments beneath. The use of elastic detailing on dresses, skirts and waistcoats brings an unexpected element to classic pieces.

“It should feel like a second skin, not something you feel at all self-conscious in.”
— Dayne Johnston
The Zambesi Mens Collection proposes simple, classic shapes. Traditional tailored menswear is given a minimal feel. Sharp suiting is offered in bright red cotton, stark linens, and ultra-fine wool gauze, defined with off-white lining.
Elastic detailing is used as an accent. Tonal elastic harnessing accompanies suiting and a horizontal strap features on cotton shirting.
Fabrics in varying degrees of transparency play with convention. Fully fashioned cotton knitwear is semi-sheer. Ultra-fine gauge wool gauze is used to make a structured jacket and trench coat. Swim shorts in sheer nylon reveal visible black lining.

Leather accessories, coloured elastic harnessing, striped elastic belts, feathered pocket squares, fringed linen scarves, and tonal flat shoes in shiny patents, contrasted with matte ostrich texture.